How Taco Bell used Twitter re-engage their audience

Taco Bell Social Media
You’ve all probably heard of Taco Bell, but probably never been there. There are a few stores located in the UK but most of them are in America. However there is a lesson we can lean from Taco Bell, they used Twitter to chat to other brands and in doing so gained a huge following…..

What problem did they face?

Taco Bell had low engagement across their social media channels. Not only that, their Twitter campaign had a lot less followers then other large brands. For brands like Taco Bell, customer loyalty and retention is incredibly important. They want a massive following to enable them to broadcast their messages widely to maintain a positive brand image. In order to do this, Taco Bell had to re-engage. They needed to get intimate with their current followers and gain a big bag of new ones.

How did they overcome it?

Taco Bell began conversations with users who have over 10,000 followers. This tactic maximises the number of potential brand mentions, recommendations and re-tweets as they are targeting the most influential people on Twitter. Cleverly, Taco Bell adopted a light-heated and colloquial tone. This was essential in humanising what could be seen as a large corporate megalith into a playful, charming little brother. This human authenticity fused with a touch of humour is essential for success in social media. Finally, Taco Bell used trending hash tags to target threads that would give them a further reach and maximize their potential audience.

Take a look at this Twitter exchange between Old Spice and Taco Bell as an example:

Taco Bell Twitter

Old Spice did well out of this exchange as well. 90 re-tweets and they have made me want to smell like volcanoes and freedom…..

This simple Tweet got 603 re-tweets and promoted a friendly, laid back Taco Bell. The value of these interactions in the long term is intangible yet highly valuable.

What were the results?

  • Reached over 600,000 Twitter followers
  • Achieved over 3,000 retweets from a single tweet
  • Increased Twitter followers to 3 times that of Burger King

Why did it work?

Why are Taco Bell successful on Social Media? What can we learn from their success?

  • Proactive engagement with fans, followers and brands in real time.
  • Interact with influential individuals giving a maximum reach.
  • Humanising – authentic interactions to “de-corporafy” their brand
  • Qualitative over Quantative. They are developing high quality relationships with their followers.